Monday, 7 January 2013

UK Visa

UK Visa

We manage a wide range of UK visa applications with the Home Office (UK Border Agency) & British Embassies globally. Our vastly experienced teams of OISC registered caseworkers are at the top of their field, assisting clients with a whole range of UK immigration applications. Whether it’s a straight-forward immigration application or a reapplication, due to an unfair Home Office/UK Embassy decision, we can help.

We can help whatever your UK immigration issue/query. Contact us now.

Settlement & Family Visas

We have a team of Specialist UK immigration caseworkers providing UK visa services based on relationships or ancestry. Fiancé/Fiancée visas, Marriage/spouse visas, De facto/unmarried partner visas, Same-sex/civil partner visas, Family dependant visas, and UK Ancestry visas.

Spouse Visas - If you are an existing UK citizen, A Spouse visa allows your husband or wife to join you in the UK. We can help you in obtaining this visa.

Unmarried Partner Visas - For those who have lived with their (unmarried) UK partner for at least two years, they are applicable for a UK Unmarried Partner visa.

Civil Partner Visas - The Civil Partner visa is similar to the Spouse visa, however it applies to those in a same-sex relation who have formed a Civil Partnership with a UK Permanent Resident or a British/EU citizen.

Fiancé/Fiancée Visas - Fiancés/Fiancées with a UK partner, we provide Fiancé/Fiancée visa advice to help result in marrying your partner in the UK.

UK Ancestry Visas - Being based on British ancestry, UK Ancestry Visas are a UK visa immigration option.

UK Family Dependant Visas - This visa is for individuals that want their dependants to join them in the UK. We provide UK Family Dependency visa advice, and services.

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